About Us

Purvajyoti Infotech (PI) is an amalgam of offline and online experience and skills, and is poised to become a major player in computer hardware, software, office automation and web solutions businesses. Very few firms start with a combination of diverse but related expertise that we have.

Purvajyoti Infotech, incorporated in August 2010, focuses on serving information technology needs in the internet age. Founded by Aashish and Deepak, best friends since school days, the firm was started with a vision to change the IT scenario in North-East. Never would they have thought of starting their own business while sharing their tiffin during school days. But Purvajyoti Infotech was in the making since then. Aashish and Deepak, both have done their engineering from reputed institutions and they have a 2+ years of experience as software engineers behind them. Far apart IBM Chennai (Aashish)
and HCL Gurgaon (Deepak), they were still thinking alike as they had vowed themselves of starting something of their own, something that is close to their heart. Deepak returned to Guwahati due to family concerns for good and Aashish followed. It was then the seed of PI was laid.

PI believes in doing business the ethical way. Some well-wishers have asked us why we don’t become more “pragmatic” and build our revenues by hook or by crook. We’d rather be small. We believe we are successful when our customers make business gains. Our web strategy, design and development are geared to expanding the business of our clients and meeting their objectives. We believe in pushing the envelope in everything we do. The only limits we acknowledge are ethics and legality.

Enjoy browsing through and please drop us your valuable feedbacks as they will only help us serve you better.

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